The new V-Line: Smart touch displays for elevators and buildings

V-Line touch display for elevators and smart buildings

Today we would like to introduce our new (touch) displays of the V-Line!

The V-Line displays have been optimized for use in elevator COPs. Among other things, they enable direct connection of the buttons of a panel, voice announcement, display of all lift information and two-sense communication for the hearing impaired emergency call.
In addition, they are characterized by their very good price-performance ratio - smart technology at a lower price. The V-Line displays are available in 7 inch and 10.1 inch.

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Elevator display with PIN Pad

Simple access restriction by PIN code

With the flexyPage PIN Pad function, access restriction on a V-Line display can be easily implemented. This means that in many cases key switches, 10 keypads or card readers can be omitted.

Hörbehindertennotruf für Ihren Aufzug mit dem flexyPage Messenger

In use for the hearing impaired emergency call

The V-Line touch displays support visual 2-sense communication with trapped persons, the so-called hearing impairment emergency call. This function can be retrofitted in most elevators as an extension of the standard emergency call.  


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