Jobs at ELFIN Technology

We are looking for people with unique personalities, with character and enthusiasm, who want to contribute and have a precise knowledge of their individual strengths. People who want to create and grow things, claim ownership and take individual responsibility, live and nurture relationships, are extremely attentive and have a big heart.

We have a strong relationship to the elevator industry, digital signage and IoT. That's why we always prefer people with a background and experience. But we also want to get to know specialist experts and professionals with a connection to our product portfolio in order to find out if we can make a contribution together and develop relationships.

Full-time jobs

We are currently looking for employees for the following positions: 


Dual study and long-term internship

ELFIN cooperates with students of various disciplines in and around Cologne:



We hereby inform that ELFIN's recruitment and hiring process is conducted directly through the Company's website, and occasionally through direct actions to educational institutions and to executives employed by ELFIN. ELFIN does not use any channels beyond those mentioned above and does not require payment for participation in selection programs under any conditions. If you have received e-mails from other sources on behalf of ELFIN with job offers, whether payments have been requested or not, please inform us immediately and ignore this offer. ELFIN will not use such procedures for employee selection and recruitment.